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Welcome to The Halet House

Waco is a special place for so many. Whether it be attending Baylor University, going to sporting events, visiting Magnolia Market or being lucky enough to live here. Waco has great shopping, delicious restaurants, a variety of museums and entertainment options and is close to Dallas and Austin. 


Since a young girl, I have been fascinated with Waco’s history. From day one my design inspiration for The Halet House included historic photos of Waco. I wanted to share with all that walked through our doors a deeper look into this city I love. Waco is so much more than Magnolia and Mclane Stadium. Waco reigned in the South as the “King of Cotton”, once had a palace 2 streets over known as “The Cotton Palace”, Dr. Pepper was invented in a drug store just blocks away, Waco was Elvis Presley’s second home while station in Ft. Hood,  the suspension bridge was the longest single-span bridge west of the Mississippi, and Waco is the home of  the 11th deadliest tornado in US history. Before the 1953 tornado, destroying hundreds of businesses and most of the town, Waco was a major city just as we see Dallas and Austin today. 

The Halet House was once a drawing I drew on a napkin at a restaurant, and now is a place filled with Waco history, European antiques, vintage art, and modern elements. What you won’t see are the bible verses and blessings for each person walking through our doors, that were written on the beams throughout each room behind the sheetrock. This house was built with love and faith. This house is my heart, and I can't wait to share a piece of it with you! 



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